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Initiative 1433 is under attack in Olympia!
Posted On: Jan 26, 2017

Hello Local #38 Teamsters, 

We worked very hard with labor unions all over our state last year to educate people and gather enough signatures for Initiative 1433 to be brought to the voting people of Washington State. It passed by nearly 60% and hundreds of Local #38 members, mostly in the retail industry, received a life-changing $1.50 raise!  With this year's Legislative Session in full swing, we've just learned about 3 separate senate bills aimed at taking away portions of what was voted on and passed by a simple majority vote last November. Please read below the e-mail we received this week. 

If anyone you know in Snohomish County would be devastated if they took that new $11.10 wage away from them (or you), and would like your voice to be heard in Olympia in February, please call our Political Coordinator, Debbie Gath, right away at 425-252-3800 Ext 226.

We need your help! The Senate Republicans are trying to gut Initiative 1433 by proposing massive roll backs to the state's new minimum wage and sick leave law for all workers. In a slate of three devastating bills, the Senate Republicans in the Commerce and Labor Committee will hear proposals next Thursday that will undermine everything we fought for by trying to carve out workers, limit those who can benefit, and divide our coalition. 

Are you able to come testify next Thursday, 2/2 at 1:30 pm at the Capitol in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. We can help prepare folks for testimony. We need workers across the state, non-profit organizations, and teen workers to testify. 

Please email Joe Kendo if you can testify:

The Three Bad Bills: Help us testify against these bills. 

  • SB 5530Attempts to limit the benefits of Initiative 1433 to just those workers in King County, cutting off workers across our state from being able to help put food on the table and provide for their families. We know families around the state are struggling to make ends meet, and the every county should be able to see the benefit of this law. Help find workers, small business owners, and communities across the state who may want to testify or send a letter.
  • SB 5532Attempts to divide our community by carving out non-profit organizations - which is insulting as our Raise Up WA coalition is a broad and diverse group including a strong non-profit voice which has said it helps all in our community when the lowest wage workers are able to earn a little bit more and take time to be with their kiddos and loved ones when they are sick. Help by testifying from your non-profit’s perspective. 
  • Draft SBAnother attempt to create a sub-minimum wage for teen workers 16 and 17 years old. As we have said every year, youth workers help provide for their families, they help put much needed revenue on the kitchen table for their loved ones, and their work should have the same value. Help by finding teens who would like to testify. 

Soon, we will send around a SIGN ON letter expressing our opposition to these bills to gut Initiative 1433. More information on the letter is coming soon. In the mean time, please send a message to your State Senator and the Members of the Commerce and Labor Committee to tell them NO - we cannot undermine, gut or diminish the benefits we fought for in Initiative 1433. 

More to come soon! Please let Joe know if you have folks who would like to testify:

Thank you! 

(Our next Coalition meeting is 2/21 from 3-4 pm at the Seattle WSLC offices). 

Teresa Mosqueda

Political and Strategic Campaign Director

WA State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

321 16th Ave South, Seattle WA 98144

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